We receive a lot of important feedback on our websites and we try our best to send a reply or a thank you note to everyone who leaves an email address with their feedback. Most of the feedback revolves around few key areas and below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. Please have a look at these to find an answer to your question and if your question is not answered here or you feel it needs a more specific response, please feel free to contact us.

Q. How are you getting this exchange rate information and how accurate is it?
A. All the exchange rates displayed on our websites are retrieved directly from the respective bank sites and it is fully automated. We have programs that get this data very frequently and we try to keep the data as current as possible. We get notified whenever there is a problem getting the latest exchange rates from the bank sites and we try to correct it as quickly as possible. On each exchange rate website, we display the last updated time which is when we have retrieved all the rates successfully. Please note that the time specified is in UTC timezone.

Q. When are you adding exchange rates from a bank that is not currently supported?
A. We aspire to provide the exchange rates from the banks that are used by the most people and will be periodically adding support for more banks. If more people show interest in a specific bank exchange rate that is not currently listed, we will add it as soon as possible. Please drop us a comment through the contact us link if you want us to add exchange rates from a bank that is not currently supported and we will add it based on how many people are interested in it.

Q. Is there a mobile version of the site ? How about an app for iPhone / Android / Windows Phone ?
A. We have a native app available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) and considering native apps for other platforms too. We have a mobile optimized version of our site that works on all smart phones. For more details and the latest information on mobile apps / website, please check this page.

Q. Can you provide the Rupee exchange rates for other currencies ?
A. We currently have Rupee exchange rates websites for US Dollar, Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar and Singapore Dollar. We are considering support for more currencies based on user interest. Please drop us a comment through the contact us link if you are interested in a currency that is currently not supported.

Q. When are you adding a new feature that I suggested ?
A. Our plan is to keep the site simple and clean and we only plan to add new features that are benefit a large portion of our users. We are keeping track of all the feature requests and have set priority for each one of them based on how useful it is. We work on the feature with the highest priority (and hence most useful) and will add it soon to the site.

This is not as exhaustive as we would like and we will be adding more FAQs soon.